Owen Sullivan

Student / IT Professional / Singer

Purge Bot

Purge Bot is a simple Discord bot built in node.js with a single purpose: erase. It possesses three primary capibilities: erase the last message in a channel, erase messages in bulk, and erase entire channels.

Purge Bot was created by Owen Sullivan as an alternative to widely used moderation bots with the idea that simplicity is key. While other moderation/cleanup bots have a variety of options for more advanced users, they can end up being difficult to understand for users who just want an easy experience. Purge Bot guides users through every step of each command (where necessary), allowing for more user-friendly moderation.

Purge Bot's source code is available from the purge-bot-nodejs GitHub repository.


Click here or paste the following link into your browser to invite Purge Bot to your server:


Keep in mind that Purge Bot requires full Administrator permissions in order to operate; if you do not own the server you wish to add Purge Bot to, please ensure that you are permitted to add bots. Discord will automatically generate an associated Administrator role as the bot is being added to your server.


This documentation serves as a companion to the !purge commands list, providing extra context for commands and their abilities (as well as how to properly take adventage of them). Documentation can be viewed from the purge-bot-nodejs README.md, or from the embed below: