Owen Sullivan

Singer / Producer / Developer

About Me

About Owen

I'm a sixteen year old website designer, beat producer, and singer. I've performed all over the country (and beyond), including venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House. I also dabble in beat-making, which makes me qualified to say that I'm actually trying to accomplish my life's one goal. Aside from music, I pretend to know how to code well enough to call myself a freelance developer, which is why this site doesn't look like complete garbage. Just partial garbage.


Want to know more about my personal life? No? Too bad, I'm gonna shove it down your throat anyway. That's why I have a blog, despite blogs having gone out of style like six years ago.

Contact Owen

Since I'm too cool to share my email with the public, I've created this cute little contact form. Use it to bother me with your questions about projects or contracts or whatever. Seriously though, I do websites for money, and I'm down to do some voice acting if that's your thing. So hit me up and maybe I'll respond in time for you to still be interested.